Incident Report

To ensure a safe community rowing facility, all occurrences of injury to person or equipment, physically or otherwise, must be reported using this form. 

  1. The Incident Report Form is to be completed by a coach or person in charge at the time of the incident, a person involved in the incident, or any person who observes a breach of TRC Rules and Regulations. The person may remain anonymous; please provide club affiliation.
  2. The Incident Report Form should be filed after, but not limited to, the following circumstances:
    1. Any person overboard
    2. Any personal injury
    3. A collision
    4. Boat trailer malfunction
    5. Safety hazard observed.
  3. Complete this Incident Report Form in its entirety with as much detailed information as possible within 24 hours of the occurrence of the incident.
Were there any injuries? *
Was any equipment damaged? *
Check off the appropriate incident(s) *
Date of incident *
Date of incident
Please provide cell number, email address, relationship to victim(s), and club affiliation.