Toledo Rowing Board seeks President and Treasurer Roles

July 30, 2019


After careful thought and discussions with my family, it is with great sadness that I must inform the Toledo Rowing Community of my resignation as TRC President & Treasurer. My resignation will be effective December 1, 2019. I must reserve family time for my youngest son who will be attending UT this fall in the T2 program (link below for those interested). Also, my full-time job’s travel and responsibilities have drastically increased. These are the two main factors for my decision.

I am very excited for the future of Toledo Rowing! We have been pointed in the right direction with the kickoff of the Aly Sterling Strategic Plan. The plan should be governed by new blood and someone who has the passion, energy and most importantly the time to dedicate to the execution and success of the plan.

The Search for New Leadership – A Call for Action

The board of trustees is asking that anyone interested in the President, Treasurer, board member or committee positions to please send an email to the TRC Secretary at with the position you are interested in, in the Subject line. We will also be reaching out to the regional rowing community to perhaps recruit a candidate from another rowing club or someone with similar experience and fresh ideas.

Finally, as all of you know, I am not a rower but my love and respect for Toledo Rowing is second to none for the life lessons it has given my son and daughter. My dad always told me "you learn something new every day." I can honestly say, working with all of you over the past 17+ years that each of you has taught me something of value, and for that I am extremely grateful.

I look forward to watching Toledo Rowing grow and prosper! Take Care & God Bless,

James F. Skelding II
Toledo Rowing Club International Park – Toledo Ohio 419.980.2030cell

University of Toledo – T2 Program Link