The Toledo Rowing Club (TRC) is both a recreational and competitive rowing club serving Toledo and surrounding area for more than 25 years. With over 300 members, experience ranges from beginner to advanced. TRC offers programs for both novice and experienced oarsmen. The TRC rowing season starts mid-March and ends in November, weather dependent. TRC is a non-profit, community-based membership organization dedicated to the promotion and advancement of the sport of rowing by providing the widest possible range of opportunities for training and participation.

News and Upcoming Events

"Docks In!"
We're sensing a little spring fever and the itch to get back on the water?
Too much rain on 4/4 forced a reschedule: New scheduled time for getting the docks in will be Saturday morning, April 12 beginning at about 7:30 am.
Those who cannot help our with the docks we also want to take the opportunity to do good boathouse "spring cleaning". Marylynn is compiling a list of projects to be completed and they will be posted in the boathouse on Sat. for all to see and undertake.

America's Boating Course
Coming up soon is another valuable training opportunity which should be considered by coarches, parents, Masters, HS rowers and coxsains, etc. America's Boating Course will be offered on the following dates:
Dates: March 12, 13, 19,and 20.
Time: 6:30 - 8:30pm Cost: $40, plus $20 each for additional family members.
Location: Toledo Port Authority
Who? : Open to the general public.

Oars-some Times!
Thank you to everyone who came to help with the oars! It was fun and we got a lot accomplished! We went out to eat afterwards! It was great!

TRC Monthly Meetings
TRC Club Meeting are usually held at the boathouse the first Tuesday of each month. All TRC members are invited to attend.

April Meeting:

Winter Training Underway!
Coach Ian Dunn is meeting regularly with the Master Competitive group at the Davis Building, downtown Toledo. A very committed group has been working out there regularly since November. It is now official! If you've been on vacation from the erg and are ready to get back at it with a team of friendly support and great coaching, this is a great opportunity for you. You can register from the Regatta Central website

In-to-Rowing Classes Begin
Starting January 25, TRC will host In-to-Rowing classes. This is our version of other clubs' Learn-to-Row. This one-hour introduction will expose newbies to basic rowing technique and terminology. It will also give them an opportunity to meet members of the club and learn about upcoming programs.
Do you have an organization or company that you would like to introduce to the wonderful world of rowing?
Registration for this Saturday and upcoming In-to-Rowing classes are found here on the TRC website.
Did I mention that this introduction is FREE? All the more reason to bring your friends and family for a fun Saturday morning event!

High School Registration Forms are available online

TRC Newsletter
We are pleased to announce that the TRC Newsletter once again active. Articles can be on anything you like related to rowing in Toledo - your club, your regatta results, your alumni, your musings as you watch the sun set over the Toledo skyline as you do yet one more piece before heading back to the dock. The deadline for submission to the TRC newsletter is the 30th of each month. Submit articles by emailing

Archive of recent newsletters

TRC Rowing Camp on Channel 13
Channel 13 came by TRC early on Monday to do a story on the TRC Youth Rowing Camp. This program was offered July 9-13 and July 16-20, 2012 by TRC to introduce the sport of rowing to youth ages 11-14. Watch the video.

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Did you know ... TRC is asking its members to use reusable water bottles.
This means no more disposable bottles (Water, Powerade, Gatorade, etc.) cluttering up the boathouse.

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