The Toledo Rowing Foundation’s mission is to encourage healthy, stimulating, and rewarding competition on a local, national and international scale. Our programs place a special emphasis on youth and women.

The Toledo Rowing Foundation was formed in 1984 for the purpose of fostering national and international amateur sports competition and primarily to support and develop amateur athletes for such competition. As a 501(c)(3) corporation it is eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions. Many of the shells in the boathouse have been purchased by the Foundation and have enabled many of the high school programs in the area to get started. In fact, the boathouse itself is the result of the fundraising efforts of the Foundation.

The Foundation’s charitable focus is on the Toledo Rowing Foundation/Anderton L. Bentley, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund and the Toledo Rowing Foundation Endowment Fund. Both of these funds are managed by The Toledo Community Foundation. The Bentley Scholarship Fund was created in 2009, in memory of Pete Bentley, a world class oarsman who, in his 60’s and 70’s competed in singles, doubles, and eight man crew events worldwide and brought home many medals including five golds in 2008. Pete served both TRF and TRC as Trustee and is an inspiration to our high school and Masters rowers.

The Toledo Rowing Foundation Endowment Fund was created in 1999 and its investment returns flow to TRC for the club’s unrestricted use. Contributions to both are most appreciated. For more information, please contact